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Closed terrariums have a lid to enclose the plants entirely within the glass container. Closed terrariums or glass cloches create a warm environment for your plants, allowing moisture to recycle providing a consistent level of humidity. They need minimal care since the enclosed environment creates its own eco-system once established – so they do not need the typical watering a regular houseplant would require 

(just a tablespoon or two of water when the soil appears dry will suffice)


Open terrariums do not require a lid. It is perfect for plants that prefer drier conditions and do not require a moist environment. Unlike closed terrariums, open terrariums do not have a water cycle since it is open to the air around us. This means that open terrariums have to be watered more frequently about once a week, or when you notice the soil is dry and leaves are drooping.

Flowers by Ou is loccate now in Höör Skåne, Sweden.




Candle gel decoration is one of our product that have been made with creativity and love. We made this product with wax gel and decorate with fresh flowers or greeneries to make the product look more a live and beautiful.




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Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The idea has its origins in Japan.

Kokedama decoration is a charming decoration. You can play with the decoration by hang it or put on the container.


With care :

Kokedama must be watered regularly. One method suggests feeling the weight of the Kokedama over time - when the ball feels light, it can be submerged in water. The best plants for kokedama making are ones that require medium to full shade, since direct sunlight will likely burn and ultimately turning your kokedama a shade of brown.
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